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Sublime Photo Shoot.

A big challenge this one as on the day the weather was not at its best. Lets be honest the dresses would have been in a disastrous state if the rain came down any quicker.

But we prevailed as this was Sublime facade wedding and prom dress promotion as well as a Goth dress. A cloudy day so settings where adapted to the change and as usual flash was to be used.

Both Reanne and Sasha along with the company director Trisha, modelled the outfits. Location where a motorway bridge for the wedding dress and prom dress. We also did them all in the local park as well for added effect.

Gear that i used was a Sony A6000 with a 18-105 lens and Nikon D5300 with a 35mm prime lens. Both worked great as they gave me flexibility at all times. However i did prefer the use of

the Sony as it was just quick and just works with the wireless triggers.

The Nikon D5300 used the on board flash to trigger the off camera flash, but i would rather have not done this method as i don't trust the on board at times.

This raises the question about mirror-less cameras and DSLR as i have both and found that the weight and ease of use on the Sony really made me use it more.

As with all my shoots i wanted to do video and its always the Sony that wins that one. The Nikon camera to me is not a great video camera when it comes to auto focus they are terrible!!!!

Sony has the massive edge on this and i was able to film and take stills at the same time so thanks Sony. All dresses where modelled on different days which was a shame as the weather was a problem.

But great shoot and happy client.. ~Visit the site at


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