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Landscape Full Frame or APS-C

The great debate amongst Landscape photographers, whether professional or enthusiast. Do I use Full Frame or APS-C for my work?

A lot will shout for the full-frame being the only way to go, with better dynamic range true focal length, a 50MM lens is a 50MM focal range. Using an APS-C would result in the 50MM being a 75MM depending on your brand of camera. But I have been using both formats and really cannot tell the difference nor would I argue whether the stories of Dynamic range are going to make a difference.

Silent Valley Reservoir.

An example of this is in the picture I took at Silent Valley.

Taken with an 18-105 F4 lens, it produced excellent colours and dynamic range, I could not ask for a better result.

To equate this to a Full Frame equivalent this was at 28MM and was more than adequate for the scene.

If this were taken with a Full Frame camera my Nikon 24-120 would have been between 24-28 depends on what you the photographer wants to frame.

Sometimes getting that extra reach with a Landscape shot was something I would have turned my nose up to, but some well known Landscape photographers are switching to APS-C in favour of their Full frame camera. Why you ask??

Size and Weight.

One of the biggest reasons for this is, that APS-C bodies and lens are more compact than their Full-frame counterparts. Carrying such gear can take its toll on the photographer whose main purpose is to get to the location quickly and not to be carrying a lot of weight.

That's not to say that I struggle to carry my Nikon D610 with the Nikon 24-120 Lens. it was just delightful not carrying that amount of weight pure and simple, don't forget the tripod as well, more weigh to consider.

Getting the Shot.

I believe that it's possible to get excellent Landscapes with APS-C, regardless of how much dynamic range you want.My recent purchase for my APS-C is the Sigma 16MM prime lens. An astonishingly sharp lens with a 24MM full-frame equivalent, this will be my most used lens for my Sony A6100. Providing an excellent 1.4 Aperture it will give me great low light performance.

However, I will still use my Nikon full-frame on occasions as and when I feel the need. So the basis of this blog is to say just get the picture regardless of either format, it is down to you the Photographer to decide.

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